The calm way to buy your first home.

Buying your home used to be overwhelming — Not anymore. Your Digital Home Buying Planner is packed full with Step-by-Step To-Dos and Cost-Saving Calculators that make buying a breeze.
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Organized and confident — the way it should be.

Buying a home is especially challenging when hearing terms you've never heard before, frantically searching for documents, hoping for an approval, and wondering what's next. Especially when you just want the process to be easy.
But when you use the Win The House You Love Planner you'll always know exactly what to do next, how to save the most money by choosing the right loan, and making sure you don't get taken advantage of. You'll be able to kick stress to the curb.
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Your Planner includes all the tools you need:

Fully built to-do list — never guess what to do next

Without a solid plan, buying a home is stressful. So many moving pieces, people to contact, and things to do. Your Planner includes a fully built home buying to-do list. Everything from figuring out your home buying budget to changing the battery in your smoke detectors once you move in is covered.
The built-in calendar keeps track of your most important contract deadlines. Staying on-top of these dates when you're under contract help you:
  • Pay earnest money on time to keep the deal alive
  • Understand when the appraisal is happening and when the report is due
  • Make sure you close on time while following loan disclosure waiting periods

Quickly find the lowest-cost loan

After you shop for lenders, you'll get multiple quotes and then have the daunting task of figuring out which one is right for you...

The Lowest Cost Loan Calculator will take your quotes and tell you which is the cheapest and by how much.
It's like everyone forgot to tell you about the costs of home ownership! Your Planner auto-calculates monthly utilities and maintenance costs based on national averages so you can make sure you're comfortable with the total costs of owning a home, not just the payment to the bank.

Feel confident in your closing costs

You're going to get a handful of documents from your lender. So many that it's difficult to compare what changed between Loan Estimate #4 and Closing Disclosure #2. Your Planner includes a Loan Estimate vs Closing Disclosure Analyzer that finds changes in costs between documents. That way you can protect yourself and have peace of mind about the costs of buying.

Spot repair issues before they become your issue

Too many buyers go under contract on a home only to find out the appraiser has flagged issues left and right requiring thousands of dollars in repairs. Your Planner includes checklists for each loan type to help you understand what an appraiser may look for when appraising your home.

Use the formulas loan officers use

Debt-to-income math is boring and complex. But it's what lenders use to determine your maximum purchase price. How lenders find how much they'll afford you is no longer a secret with this calculator.
All you have to do is put in your income and monthly debts and it will use the same formulas loan officers use to calculate your maximum debt to income ratio. This helps you understand how a lender chooses the max loan they'll give you so you can understand what you could be approved for.

Pre-written texts and emails to send to your agent

Talking to any professional person is tough, especially when you want to appear confident so others don't take advantage of you. In the to-dos section, there will always be text and email templates you can send to your agent or loan officer. Just copy and paste and you'll look like a pro.

Secure and private, use it forever

Your planner is built on 2 different softwares:

Basecamp manages your To-Dos, Scheduler, Notes, and Documents and boasts bank-level encryption on all your data. After we set up your planner in Basecamp and pack it full of info, we will remove ourselves from your account. This means we cannot see any of your data.

Google Sheets hosts the Calculators and Analyzers. We require that you duplicate the Sheets we give you into your own Google account (don't worry, there are tutorials). This ensures we have zero access to your data.
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6,410 home buyers already signed up
Win The House You Love Planner
  • Fully built home buying to-do list
  • Tutorials for each to-do item
  • Lowest-Cost Loan Calculator
  • Max Purchase Price Calculator
  • Maximum Monthly Payment Calculator
  • Home Comparison Calculator
  • Loan Estimate vs Closing Disclosure Analyzer
  • Property Condition Checklist for 4 types of loans
  • Pre-written texts and emails to send to agents/loan officers
Once the planner is completed, it will only cost $48 to those who signed up to be notified when it's live. Only available to those who buy within the first week.
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