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Designed to help you analyze almost any mortgage scenario — you can compare Conventional, FHA, USDA, VA, Portfolio, and Jumbo loans side-by-side and adjust any detail you'd like. Detailed enough to be used by finance nerds while simple enough to help first-time buyers easily find the right choice.
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Compare monthly payments & estimate "other costs"

You want to make sure you get a home loan that has a comfortable monthly payment. A payment that is too high results in a situation known as being "house poor". This tool will help you estimate other costs of buying a home so you understand the full picture before you choose a loan.
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Easily see which loan is the cheapest during every year

With a purchase as big as a home, you shouldn't choose the loan that "seems" the best. You deserve access to tools that help you accurately pick the lowest cost loan and compare all the details up-front.
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See how extra monthly or one-time payments change how much you save

Extra monthly or lump sum payments drastically reduce the amount of interest you can save on your mortgage. You'll be able to see if this is a strategy you want to explore with your home loan.
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See how much your equity will grow

Equity is how much value you have in your home. Over time your equity will grow as you pay down your loan balance. You can see how your equity changes over the years.
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Forecast how much buying will benefit you

Everyone talks about renting being better than buying, but no one actually shows you the numbers... until now. You'll be able to see which loan gives you the most benefit and how it compares to renting so you can make the best choice.
See the cost/benefit of selling

Full transparency into your loan details

Your loans are stacked side-by-side to help you see details about them to make sure you understand all of the numbers.
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Explore monthly amortization

Amortization shows you what happens during every single month you own your home. You can see in advance how much you'll spend on principal, interest, and mortgage insurance along with the net cost of the loan.
Explore your loan amortization

See your potential check if you sell your home

What happens if you sell your home? You can estimate the potential check you may get at closing if you choose to sell in the future. Just enter when you want to sell (e.g. in 10 years) and the calculator will do the rest.
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