About Kyle
👋 Hi! I'm Kyle Seagraves. I'm a Certified Mortgage Advisor and Licensed Loan Originator (NMLS 1701021) based in Dayton, OH and I run the YouTube channel Win The House You Love.

I help buyers learn to buy their homes with less stress. So, basically I do home buyer education full-time. I have a team I work directly with who can originate loans in Ohio, Tennessee, and Florida. If you're in any other state, I have a network of loan officers I can recommend.

If you'd like to be connected in any state, feel free to fill out this quick form and I can get you connected: talk to a loan officer I trust.
About Win The House You Love
Win The House You Love is an education company focused on helping people overcome the challenges of buying their first home.

Our support email is hello@winthehouseyoulove.com
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