Your Home Loan Success Plan

Certified Mortgage Advisor
NMLS 1701021
November 12, 2019

Let my guide you with your home buying

Sometimes I'm over dealing with some of the largest debts that will take on in their life. When we're purchasing a home and getting a mortgage, it can be confusing and overwhelming. So I'm here to help you along each step of the process and be a guide and advisor to you to help make sure that you make the best decision moving forward so that your house is a wise investment in your future.

So really quickly, I wanted to walk through the three steps that we do with every single pre-qualification to help you make the smartest choice possible. So what I do is I help you win the house you love with a crystal clear loan, and we do that through three steps.

Step 1: Apply online

So step number one is you're going to apply online. You can check out WTHYL, and this only takes about 15 minutes. You'll put in some financial information and this will help us match you with the best loan.

Step 2: Review cost-saving loan options

Then in step two, I'm going to show you some cost-saving loan options. So I'm going to record a video. It's going to be personalized to you. It's going to look just like this, and we're going to run through a scenario of multiple different loans. Side-by-side so you can see short-term savings and long-term savings. We're going to put you in control so that you can choose the best loan.

Step 3: Shop for your home with ease

And then step three, we'll get you pre-qualified and you'll be able to put in offers with your realtor that way you can move forward on moving into a property. So let me know if you have any questions during the time that you're free, we can connect on a call, talk through some goals that you have some questions that you have and make sure that you're starting on the process with the best decision moving forward.

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