5 - You Found Your Home! Now What?

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December 15, 2019

You found your home! What's next?

So at this point, the seller has accepted your offer. So nobody goes through the next steps.

Get familiar with the next steps

So number one is you want to get familiar with what's going to happen next. And the best way to do that is to watch this series all the way through. So maybe this is your first time watching it. And if so, when you get your accepted offer, go ahead and watch this through again.

So you know exactly what's going to happen next, making sure that you're comfortable with the next steps is going to help eliminate any anxiety or confusion. Going on next and it's gonna help you close a lot.

Schedule your inspections

Also, you're going to want to schedule your home inspection. So the home inspection is where you'll have an inspector come out to the property and they're going to help you see if there are any issues that you need to resolve with that house.

So this is going to cost about $500 upfront. So your realtor might have some recommended inspectors that they work with. So you'll want to work with them to get an inspection scheduled on the property. This is going to help you spot any issues that you might need the seller to fix.

Watch your loan estimate

Also, you're going to want to watch for your loan estimate and sign it as soon as possible. So the loan estimate is going to have all the details of your purchase and the loan as well. So you can see those numbers upfront. So that's going to be sent to you by us, and you want to make sure that you review it and sign it as quickly as possible. That way we can start the loan process and get everything kicked off.

Pay your appraisal

Also once you sign your loan estimate, you're going to get a link to pay for your appraisal. And that appraisal is going to be about $500 upfront as well. So the appraisal is going to help you see the value of the property and make sure that you're able to get a loan for that full amount.

So go ahead, schedule your inspection, watch for your loan estimate and sign it as soon as it comes in and pay for your appraisal.

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