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March 20, 2020

How to pick and work with the best realtor

Today I want to talk about a weird title but really, how you can work with the best realtor if you're selling your property to sell it for the most amount of money possible, or if you're buying how to negotiate the best deal when you were looking to purchase.

So really what I wanted to talk about is, if you're looking at purchasing within, let's say the next month, or maybe the next three to six months, this topic is going to be for you, because it's going to be, how do you pick the best realtor?

Look for a realtor who has your best interest

There are a ton of realtors out there. There are a lot of good ones. There's a lot of bad ones, a lot of mediocre ones, and really what I mean by that is not who has the most sales, but who is the most personable and not in a way of how are they personal in a way to get you into a contract. But who really has your best interest.

You'll really quickly find out in this industry that there are some agents who are all on board with helping you save the most money possible, and you understand the process and getting into the house that you want or selling your property and the way that you want. And there are some realtors who are really just interested in pushing you into a sale.

A good realtor is a "real person"

I want to brag really quickly on a realtor that I work with her name's Tanya Snyder, she works with Remax. I'm actually in the same office that I'm in, and every time I get on the phone with one of her clients and they're looking for a mortgage, the first thing they say is we love how funny Tania is, we love how down to earth she is. And one of the first things she told us when we walked into a house that we were searching for was this house isn't for you. So I said, tell me a little bit more why did that help you feel confident in working with Tanya they said, we felt like she was a real person. She wasn't pushing us into buying any house. She was interested in what we were looking to do, and I think that's huge because I don't hear that from any other realtor's clients.

So Tanya and I were talking the other day about just how sometimes in real estate, you people dress differently. Sometimes realtors want to wear full suits and they to have this big branding presentation, and they come across as salesy sometimes. Then you have other realtors, people like Tanya, who looks like a normal person. And she's not trying to pitch an idea of a person that she has other than who she truly is.

Look for human experience

So when you're starting to look for realtors out there, you want to keep in mind is the person that you're wanting to work with are they going to be someone who is very clean and polished and has everything in this branding presentation ready to go, or are you looking for someone who's going to have fun during the process? Be thorough, have your best interests in mind and come across as a normal person, right? Because I think so much more now we're moving into an age where millennials like myself.

We have an outdated sales tactics

Also, I think just the general population is moving into wanting to have a more human experience. And what that looks like is eliminating a lot of the sales tactics that have been pretty outdated in the past 10, 20 years. A lot of these very outdated and polished sales techniques are just starting to become really obstructive to people enjoying the purchasing process.

Go and window shop for a realtor

When you're looking for realtors, let's say you're looking at a month or even six months or a year down the road, interview them. You're allowed to talk with multiple realtors and see are they going to be someone with who you can enjoy spending time. Who you feel like you can share what's going on in your life and the things that you want without feeling like it's going to get converted into a pitch because frankly often that's what happens a lot of times.

Also, a lot of these sales training that I've seen in the real estate and the mortgage side honestly, a lot of the sales training is how do we take what people say about their emotions and how do we turn that into a sale. It's pretty sleazy. And not very ethical and I'm not a big fan of it.

Look for a realtor who will help you win the house that you love

So I know Tanya is like this where she's very laid back, there's no pressure. She's just interested in helping people make the best purchasing decision possible. And that's where I'm at too. Our goal is to not be pushy, and the goal really is to find how do we find where our clients are at right now? Where do they want to be? And how do we help get them there?

Good realtor = Best deal

So if you're looking for a realtor tointerview some find ones that work for you because if you don't like them personally, you are not going to have a good experience in the long run. And you're probably not going to get the best deal whether you're selling or you're buying. It's just going to be difficult to work with somebody with who you do not mesh. And the home-buying process can be complicated on its own. The last thing you want to do is add in a realtor who doesn't care as much about what you're going through and how difficult the process really could be.

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