How To Look Up Who Owns A Property In 3 Minutes

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April 29, 2020

Q&A: Found a property, is it good for financing?

How do you know if the seller has ownership of the property he's selling and also, how do you know if he records the contract with the county? So this is mainly in reference to owner financing. So how do we know if the seller is actually able to provide financing on this property or if it's going to be recorded?

Ownership of the property to your name

It is important because if you're ever looking or taking that property fully into your name or a mortgage fully into your name and getting out of the owner financing, you need to make sure that the owner recorded the deed so that, or they recorded the ownership of the property in your name.

This is how you do it

What you're going to do is you're going to first figure out the county that you're in. For instance, I'm in Montgomery county, Ohio. So what I'm gonna do is search Montgomery county Auditor, property search. So take whatever county you have. So blank county auditor property. You're going to go to that website and enter your address. It's gonna show you who owns that property, who has the deed to that property.

That's gonna help you understand if the owner is the one that first of all owns the property to begin with. Then after you have, let's say something like land contract, or some sort of contract with owner financing, you can see if the title was switched into your name. So if the owner said that the title was gonna be switched into. Make sure that that's something that gets recorded. It normally takes about 30 days for that change to get reflected on the auditor's website.

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