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Finding A Good Realtor

Certified Mortgage Advisor
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March 22, 2019

Is your realtor good or bad?

Let's talk about how do you choose a good realtor or how do you know that the realtor that you're working with has your best interest in mind? Because here is the problem I have seen. A lot of realtors are not interested in your best interest, and so as a loan originator, I work with a lot of realtors who are good and who are bad. And so I just want to walk through some examples of what might be a good realtor for you, what might be a bad realtor for you. So you can make sure that you make the best decision when you're purchasing a home.

Look for someone who has your best interest

So if you're selling or you're buying within the next couple of weeks, a couple of months, maybe a year down the road, you want to work with somebody who has your best interest in mind. There are a lot of realtors who don't their best interest is seeing how they can make the most money. And they might not be willing to take the time and energy to focus on your needs and your wants.

I've heard this from a lot of clients who say that the realtor that they were working with really just didn't care about helping them find a house understanding exactly what they wanted because real estate is more than just a purchase price. Real estate often can be about how does the neighborhood feel? What's it going to be like for you and your family?

Little too eager

So something to look out for in an agent is one who is maybe a little too eager. So what I mean by that is one is so energetic and focused on getting you into a home. Usually might be a clue that they're more interested in the sale than they are in helping you find the best house possible. If they're just saying, do you want to go see this house today? Often I think that's the biggest problem that I see in this industry is that when a lot of real estate professionals hop on the phone with somebody is their first interest is how can we get you in this house? Do you want to see this house today, you want to write an offer today? And what happens is it creates a sense of urgency that rushes you to make decisions that might not be best for you.

Someone who will help you understand the process

What you want to find is a realtor who's able to slow down and help you understand and process everything that's going on in the home buying decision. It shouldn't be immediate. It shouldn't be let's put an offer today. It should not be pressured to write an offer. Now sometimes offers do need to be put in quickly and you can miss out on a house if you don't put one in quickly.

Understands what you need and no abrupt decisions

It's very possible, but I don't want you to feel like you have to make a decision immediately and then regret that in the future. To find a realtor who you feel comfortable with being able to process information and slowing down, and you feel like they actually listen and understand things that are going on.

Don't look for a seller realtor

I work with a realtor, and she's one of my favorite people because what she does is she'll tell people bad things about the house which throws people off a lot because they're thinking, oh, I thought this real estate agent was here to sell me on the house. When in reality, she's there to be an advisor.

Look for an advisor realtor

Great real estate agents are advisors to you, and they're helping you understand what's in your best interest and what they want to show. Is the good and really what they're there for is to show you the ugly and the bad and the things that could go wrong. So are there issues with the house structurally, are there issues with the neighborhood? Are there issues with you fill in the blank, but that's what they're there for is to find what your goals are and to help you meet those?

So what I love about this real estate agent that I work with is anytime I hop on the phone with one of her clients, the first thing they say is "we love her so much". And I'll go in and ask why, tell me why do you say that? What do you really like about her? And they say, she told us we wouldn't want this house. And she told us all the bad things about this house and we feel like we can trust her because she was showing us things that we didn't see and she now has to do more work to be able to help us out. And we enjoy that we can relax with her. We can take things slow and process information, and she's funny. So she makes the process enjoyable.

A good realtor communicates well

When you're looking for a real estate agent, I know it's super easy to get on the phone with an agent of the house that you like, and want to see. And it's just, the agent sometimes can feel like a facilitator of the whole transaction. When what you really need to be doing is looking for an advisor. Is there an agent who has your best interest in mind? Even though a lot of agents might have your best interest in mind and they say they do. They have to be able to communicate that with you, and if they're not effective at communicating how interested they are in what's best for you, they're probably not going to be great at communicating your best offer when you're wanting to sell or buy your house.

Look for someone who will make you feel comfortable and protected

So the same skills, the same interpersonal skills that they have with you are the same skills that they're going to carry into the negotiation phase. So make sure that. You feel like you're comfortable and protected and you have somebody who's fighting for you, but they're not fighting. I think that's the big takeaway is making sure that you feel comfortable with the real estate agent that you're working with.

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