Does Mortgage Servicing Matter When Picking A Lender?

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April 19, 2020

Q&A: How much should I factor if a loan is serviced in house when choosing a lender?

So I really don't think servicing is that big of an issue because when your loan closes, it's never going to change over the term of the loan no matter what servicer it goes to. The servicer is just who you're making payments to so as long as you're making on-time payments, you're really probably not gonna care about the servicer. Some servicers might have a nicer-looking web portal than another servicer, but does that really matter? Like, are you willing to pay a higher cost just to have an easier online payment experience? I don't think it's worth it.

Servicing is not a big issue

So what I would do is I would go with what's the best loan, not who's going to be servicing the loan because that's just who I'm making payments. And if you know, they have a really bad website, then I'll just send them paper checks every month. So to me, it's not a big issue about servicing. Servicing very often gets sold.

Normally if you have a lender who's doing all of their servicing in-house, most likely they're probably gonna be a little bit more expensive because if a company is selling their servicing, then they're a little bit leaner because they can get loans off their books and be able to provide more loans at a lower cost since they don't have any overhead of servicing.

Servicing is not a big issue

So I would just go with what's the best loan option and then not really care about the servicing, because again, it's just who you're making payments to. And really isn't that big of an issue.

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