Buying A House And Feeling Overwhelmed?

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January 13, 2019

House buying is like driving in a winter storm

I've been trying to think what's a helpful way to position what buying a house is and honestly it can be like this. It's like driving in dark and snowy weather, it feels dangerous. It feels if we turn too quickly if we go too fast, we're gonna skid, we're gonna make some mistakes and it's gonna feel rough the whole ride through.

Driving fast and a hard crash

Now if you're there if you're feeling like it's difficult, I understand it can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. Also, if we go too fast, if we take turns too quickly, if we jump into things without having a plan, and without being cautious. Without saying, I'm gonna take all the steps required to be effective, then it can feel like a dangerous journey the entire way through.

Step back, assess, create a plan

So if you feel that way, I want you to just, number one, take a step back and recognize that it doesn't have to feel overwhelming all the time. If you come up with a plan first assess where you are, just figure out where you're at right now, what are some objectives that you have? What are things that you want to do with your family, with a career that you have with the financial goals that you have, grab inventory, and then start to come up with a plan.

Set up a budget

Your plan might be we're gonna first set up a budget to figure out exactly how much we're willing to pay per month in a housing expense, or we're gonna set up a budget to save for our down payment or we're going to work on our credit so that we can get a better rate.

Gather your support team

Then once you craft up that plan, then start gathering a team together, driving alone can be a little bit terrifying. So that's exactly why I text people when I get places and I ask them to do the same for me as we're checking in on each other making sure everyone's comfortable and safe along the way.

Create a map and ask people who can help you with navigation

So if you feel like you're lost and things are dangerous or you're going too fast or things are slippery, relax, slow down, come up with a plan, create a team, talk with people talk through some of those problems so that you can solve them with people who have been in the industry together and know what's going on.

I would say half of my job is talking with people, gathering an inventory of where they're at, and helping them craft a good game plan. I want my clients to feel comfortable and confident going through the mortgage process. And I want the same for you. Slow down, create a plan, make a team and follow through with that plan.

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