1 Easy Way To Make Your Loan Officer Love You

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July 26, 2020

Let's make things easy for you and your lender

So the mortgage process can be stressful. I want to show you a quick tip. That's going to help. Number one, your loan officer is going to love you if you do this. But number two, it's going to ease all of the stress and friction when you're shopping for a loan, and when you're going through the mortgage process.

Sharing documents with your lender

What we're talking about here is how to say, share documents with your lender. This can be really frustrating for most people, because your lender is probably going to email you and ask for documents, and it just feels like pulling teeth.

Set up your Google account

So what I want you to do first is if you don't already have a Google account, I want you to set up a Google account.

Google Drive

All right after you have that, I want you to go to drive.google.com. What you're going to do is you're going to set up a Google drive folder to be able to put in all of your mortgage documents, the lender is going to need mortgage documents when you're shopping for a mortgage and getting pre-approved.

What your lender needs

When you're under contracts they need to document things like income, money that you have in your account, your ID, and some other things. So we want to be able to make it easy, to give those documents to the lender. That way we don't have to sit there and email them one by one. And then the lender says, wait, I don't have this. And then you have to send out another lender, something else. It gets so frustrating and over with.

I had a client do this. This is how I learned. He sent me one link and it had all of his documents in it and it was the smoothest process.

How it works

You're going to be in your drive. So it's a drive.google.com. You need a Google account. So what I want you to do is create a new folder, and just call that folder, whatever you want. You can say you can just call it "mortgage" or you can call it "home buying". We'll call this Home Buying and we'll click on Create.

Now all we have to do is drag and drop our documents in our folder. So if you have some documents uploaded already, like your W2, an ID, you can drag it into yo your created folder. Also, you can upload your 30 days of pay stubs and your past two months' bank statements, and you can see immediately we have all of our documents stored in a way. That's going to be really easy for us to share that with someone.

How to send it to your lender

So let's pretend you're going through applying for a mortgage. So you put in all the documents that you have here, then what I can do is when a lender asks you, Hey, can you send me these documents? Or when you put in an application, you can already go ahead and send them the documents they need upfront, which is going to speed up your pre-approval. Because normally what happens is you fill out the application, then the lender sends you a list of documents. Then you send those in. But have you sent in your application plus documents, it's going to make that approval lightning quick.

How to share your documents

So you click the little dropdown arrow, and then we click the button that says "Get shareable link". Now what we can do, we can copy the link, and now anybody I send this link to has access to these documents.

So obviously you don't want to share that around publicly. If you'd like a little bit more extra security, you can invite your loan officer by typing the email address on the "add people and groups" field. So they would actually have to log in to do that, but we're just going to share the link here.

You can email your documents!

Then what I'm going to do is I'm going to create an email. So I'm going to bring over my email, then I would go ahead and type in whoever my loan officer is in here. Then I would put in the subject: Mortgage Documents and I'd say, Hey, Kyle, here are the documents for my approval. After that, I would paste the link in.

Easy to give to your lender

So immediately, what you were able to do is send this to the lender to get that approval going. So you could send this and then I could also go send it to another lender, send it to another lender, whoever I'm applying with, and that's going to make it really easy for you to go through this process with as little friction as possible.


The other benefit of this is let's say you get undercurrent. And the lender then asks for, they say, Hey, we need these couple of extra documents. Let's say something else that they need would be a let me see here. Let's say another extra document is like an insurance statement.

So what I could do is I could just drag and drop my insurance statement. Then I could go back to the lender and say, Hey, I just uploaded it in the Google drive for you. It's right there for you to access. It makes it super easy for everybody to be on the same page about what documents are there.

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