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Without a clear understanding of your budget, buying a home is going to be exhausting... You don't have to guess and then hope for the best. Get the max price calculator to actually understand how much you can buy instead of wondering if you got it right.
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All the info you need at a glance — without having to talk to a lender

You want to quickly know how much house you can afford without having to jump through a bunch of hoops. I know because out of the hundreds of clients I've talked to about getting a home loan, every single person is anxious to know how much they could get approved for. Your max price calculator asks for a couple bits of info and then will give you a quick and safe estimate for your maximum purchase price, full monthly payment breakdown, down payment, and estimate of closing costs.
Get your Max Purchase Price Calculator

Buying your home shouldn't be so overwhelming

I made this calculator to answer the number one question I got from comments on my YouTube channel:

"How much house can I be approved for?"

I figured there had to be a better way than to tell everyone to talk to a lender. So, I developed this calculator to make it easier to understand how lenders approve you for a loan and how you can choose the right max purchase price so you don't become "house poor".

Kyle Seagraves
Certified Mortgage Advisor
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Avoid becoming house poor by exploring how risky your future payment is

Lenders approve most home buyers for MORE than they should ever take on as a mortgage payment.

In fact, lenders only care about their risk is you repaying a loan. They are not a financial advisor and do not plan on the risk you take on when getting a home.

This calculator will help you explore what mortgage payment looks safe and risky to you on your terms, not the lender's.
Get your Max Purchase Price Calculator

Estimate the other costs of home ownership most buyers forget

You're going to focus a lot of the monthly mortgage payment when you're looking at homes and comparing mortgages.

But... there are others costs to buying a home. The last thing you want to do is budget for a monthly payment only to move in and wonder why you're money is getting drained quicker than expected. Your max price calculator will help you estimate the costs of utilities and maintenance using national averages so you can better plan for your new home.
Get your Max Purchase Price Calculator

See what experts say about your affordability

Get your Max Purchase Price Calculator

Everything you get:

  1. The maximum purchase price that is most ideal for your situation
  2. Full break down with examples of how lenders find your maximum purchase price
  3. Estimates of the "other" costs of owning a home that most people forget until it's too late
  4. Estimates of the total "cash out of pocket" costs required to buy a home
  5. An easy way to estimate how much your monthly payment will change based on how much more or less you offer on a home
  6. The results of affordability theories based on your situation created by popular financial teachers and economists


Get your Max Purchase Price Calculator

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